Iloilo Has Been Dubbed The ‘Wakanda Of The Philippines’

The local government’s efforts to support people during the pandemic have intensified, but one town in the Visayas seemed to receive a great deal of attention online thanks to its efforts to prevent the disease and to support its frontier communities. In social media, Iloilo City has been called the “Wakanda of the Philippines.” Wakanda is the self-sufficient fictional nation from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Even city mayor Jerry Treñas has acknowledged the moniker in an online statement, saying, “We are Wakanda because we move as one.” We round up the good things happening over at Iloilo City, so you can decide for yourself if the name stands!

Check out all the good things that happened in the City of Iloilo, in the middle of COVID-19.

Iloilo City has its own COVID-19 testing facility

In early March, the Western Visayas Medical Center in Iloilo City submitted their application for accreditation to handle and test COVID-19 samples. On March 24, they have begun to accept samples for testing, and is the only sub-national reference laboratory in Region 6 as of writing. As of April 6, they can process 80 samples a day, amping up their capacity to test and trace positive cases.

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